Networking for tomorrow

By Mutasim Hussain Mona

Now-a-days, one most often says in the business world – ‘information is money and communication is power’. Well, if one starts believing in the saying, what will he or she achieve? Both information and communication are vital for ‘Networking’. The process can unite working people (a focused group working for collective purposes) to think positively, move forward for the betterment of a sub-culture, a sub-region and finally for the country as a whole.


We are living in a country where there is ample opportunity for growth. Government is still struggling (although people are rich) to meet standards with its fiscal income. A clear trade-off is remaining which can be filled with budget deficit. We need to assure the government to increase its revenue or at least cut down costs. However, most Bangladeshis do not feel the need to pay taxes and are lax with moral suits. At the same time, we do not forget to blame ruling government about not fulfilling their duties. Due to these problems, frustration is increasing among the people.

However, we can get rid of such overwhelming situations by sharing our capacities (capable people should be positive). Clear idea about business or job responsibilities or idea to rescue from hazardous situations, can help people to see a definite path that will help them to attain/serve their purpose. By sharing information and by taking a step forward to help a person in need, we can help each other. This is the main idea behind networking.

Excessive dependence on the government and the culture of negative impression is hurting real growth (economically, global practice, standard living). As educated & valued citizens of the country we need to do our bit in order to add value to our country and for our mutual interests.

An alternative treatment/proposal can help create value and mutual interests intended to serve a community and which eventually will result toward a country’s development. I call this the ‘Professionals Forum’ hypothesis. This will initially require a forum where there will be a group of professionals from various trades. For example a professionals’ forum of 50 people in a forum/concern group can have businessmen, lawyers, doctors, politicians, government officials and so on, coming together for their mutual benefit.

For societal need, we often require these professionals. But in the group, they will be more helpful to each other. Each member belongs to a family and he may connect with 10 families (relatives & friends) at least. So when 50 people will share their knowledge, information for 500 families and if each family contains four members then the number of benefitted people will be around 2,000.

Such a forum can also help in other ways. For example, I have some money but I don’t know where to invest. Or, I have an idea but I do not have money. Through such forums, potential investors and entrepreneurs can come together for mutual gains.

In such ways, there will be less frustration among people or professionals growing up in a challenging and competitive life. Such forums can also go to schools or colleges in localities for career path finding programmes.

As human beings, we have social responsibilities too. By fostering a mutually beneficial community, a practice can be formed. If the practice continues in different sub-cultures then overall development can be achieved. The country will be benefitted ultimately in the process.


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