Vulnerable minds

Reportedly, the ‘Blue Whale’ challenge, has already claimed its first victim in Bangladesh. The game has already caused havoc in India and many countries of the West.

New Age Xtra had asked readers about how, they think, parents and guardians can save their children from such pervasive games.

Readers also commented on other features in New Age Xtra.


Sirajul Islam SajuSirajul Islam Saju

The curious mind always wants to know the unknown. Young people like to take challenges and try something new. The Blue Whale challenge gives them these and hence most of them are attracted to it. Most of the players of these games are separated from their family members. In this case parents should monitor the activities of their child and inquire gently whether their child has come across such games or any unethical websites. The family should spend enough time with their children & try to keep their mental health sound through moral teachings.


Gazi AnisGazi Anis

Family education is important for the child. If a child sees that his or her parents are not engaged in bad or evil deeds, then the child will also follow these steps. Parents have a big role in a child’s life. But after they grow up, it is not possible to take notice of all their activities. That is when the child gradually begins to take care of self.




Nazmun N. MituNazmun N. Mitu

I read about this game & I came to know that mostly the teenagers become the victims when they are disappointed about their life and feel lonely. This loneliness begins especially when parents can’t spend much time with their children, when children don’t find anyone to share. I think only parents can reduce their depression. They should become the best friend of their children so that till a certain age they shouldn’t keep any secrets from their parents…Also, parents should monitor if their children are using the internet in good ways or not.


Ritu ChakrabartyRitu Chakrabarty

I strongly believe that parents and guardians have the most important role to play against such kind of pervasive games. Very often, we notice the involvement of youth in many of these types of activities, not only the Blue Whale Game, but also in many other online activities. This proves that most of them are totally devoid of morality and also confidence. Most of the young people’s common feature is depression and depression plays a vital role toward committing suicide. So, parents and guardians can save their children from such pervasive games through developing their morality and confidence level.


Shishir RezaShishir Reza

The term ‘generation me’ implies personal dress-up, chatting, dating, money, drug abuse, sex etc which is very bad for the pubescent in third world countries. In general, teenagers are addicted to pornography, horror videos, dodgy movies, video games etc., mostly produced by western world. ‘Blue Whale Game’ has added a new length to imprisoning the mind of talented kids. Parents should be careful with their children – by not only insisting them to study but insisting on reading stories, watching stage dramas, travelling, practicing religious faiths and friendly attitude. Parents, teachers and elders have to endow them with ‘zest for living & room to grow’.


Mazhar AynanMazhar Aynan

‘Blue Whale’ game is nothing but a labyrinth. Most likely the teenagers are pivotal victims here, being totally circumscribed by ‘Blue whale’ game, they carry out acts that they never thought of doing. Parents alone can’t deal with this escalating epidemic. People of every age group should also be there, we’ll have to spread awareness as much as we can, making the teens cautious. As depression is a common phenomenon with teenagers, parents, teachers, siblings along with other responsible people of the society have to come forward to resolve this issue.




Nahid HossainNahid Hossain

The reason behind most children inclining toward such games is that primarily, parents and guardians are not giving much time to their children. Secondly, they are not friendly with their children. Third, they are not arranging an innovative environment for their entertainment…As a consequence, children are being affected by online games like ‘Blue Whale’. Regardless of this, parents and guardians can play a significant part to save their little angels by being a good friend to them. In addition, they have to spend more time with their children and create a healthy environment for their healthy entertainment.




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