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Ahmed Shatil Alam finds the second automobile designer of Bangladesh


In the global automobile arena, the name of Bangladesh was popularized through the Bangladesh-born US-based legendary car designer Nizamuddin Awlia Leepu. Leepu, a former Dhaka Residential Model College Student, can transform any type of vehicle into his own vision by taking hunks of scrap metal and creating a unique but affordable custom car for his clients. His journey started around his early teen when he made his own version of the Lamborghini Countach at the time.

Now the legendary car designer is doing a reality TV show titled ‘Leepu & Pitbull’ with American motor expert Pitbull on the History Channel. The show, which started in 2015 and finished its first season, once again made Bangladesh proud due to Leepu’s extraordinary capacity of designing a supercar from scraps.

Following his footprints, another Bangladeshi car designer-Wahid Hossain, has joined the queue of designing super cars. Wahid already got acclamation from Coventry University in UK for his design of an electric car named ‘Tesla Roadstar 2’.

WahidHe shared with New Age Xtra that he designed the sleek and smart looking car in 2015, while completing his graduation from Automotive and Transport Designing department of Coventry University. As a fan of US-based electric car production company Tesla Motors, he designed a car that could run through electricity. ‘I used Tesla’s name as my design was inspired by this brand,’ says Wahid.

His inspiration for cars and designing them has stayed with him since his childhood when he began playing with matchbox cars and toys. ‘Back then, cars always attracted me a lot…I do not only play with the cars rather was trying to design cars in my notebooks,’ he says.

Later, the news of Leepu and his genius designs inspired Wahid. It drove him to go to UK and study automobile designing.

‘As I always love to draw, I started studying at a private university on Fine Arts…but later after studying three years I went to UK to learn the topic of my passion in a proper manner,’ he says.

Wahid, who has recently returned from UK after completing his studies, is looking after his family business in Bangladesh. He plans to make e-cars in Bangladesh as this will be the future of automobile industry.

‘Time will come when oil and gas-fuelled cars will become redundant. E-cars will lead the industry and therefore alike Tesla I want to establish a company in Bangladesh,’ he says. At the moment, he is trying to build a strong team comprising of automobile engineers and other automobile experts and is also searching for investors.

‘To establish such a company I would need capital. That is something I do not have and would like to seek investors,’ he says. Such e-cars can also help protect our environment as they do not discharge any carbon di-oxide and will also save money and help the economy, he says.

To turn his dream into a reality, Wahid had also made contact with Leepu, seeking his help to take Bangladesh’s name to the global automobile industry. Wahid also wants to establish a garage, just like Leepu did few years back in Dhaka, where exclusive cars will be modified or redesigned from a scratch.

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