Hoping for a better 2017

This week, New Age Xtra had asked its readers about their expectations or dread from the upcoming year 2017.

Rashed RahgirRashed Rahgir

We need to be realistic about what we can expect from any year. I wish Bangladesh will make policy to develop renewable energy system rather than coal, gas or atomic energy. I expect our policy makers to concentrate on an effective and eco-friendly waste management system for our major cities. We need a sustainable public transport system that I hope will be developed in the coming year. Our main cities, particularly Dhaka, are becoming overcrowded. At least a declaration of decentralizing Dhaka can give us some hope. A transparent public examination system is something we are also looking forward to.

Moutushe PakhiMoutushe Pakhi

Well in 2017, I want to see the Tigers led by Mashrafee roar triumphantly in the world of cricket. Besides, I hope the whole country will ensure the security of women, so that we can ensure their empowerment.



Gazi AnisurGazi Anisur

In 2017, I want to see some effective and powerful youth activities against violence and terrorism. I want to raise my voice against such social issues…I believe we will find peace and happiness in life soon.






Ishrat Jahan ChowdhuryIshrat Jahan Chowdhury 

In 2017, I expect strong peace-building initiatives will be taken by world leaders to resolve the ongoing humanitarian crises around the world. I also hope that there will be increased awareness against racism, xenophobia and prejudices of all kinds. Political hatred, domestic violence and social discrimination in our country should subside. And in general, I hope that through our personal initiatives, we will be able to bring pride to our beloved motherland and be able to make this world a better place to live in.

Irene GomesIrene Gomes 

In 2016, we have seen a lot of ups n downs in our country as well as in our individual lives. During the upcoming year 2017, I hope to see more happiness and prosperity among the people of Bangladesh. Also, everyone’s New Year’s resolution should include how they can find comfort even in difficulties, smile when sadness intrudes, to have faith and patience at accepting the truth. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


Fowzia FionaFowzia Fiona

The Narayanganj election showed us that voters can make up their own minds and they will vote whomever they wish to, if they are given the chance. So, rest of our political problems will be solved if the process for a free and fair national parliamentary election is initiated… Also, Although Bangladesh government is pushing for ‘digitalization’, its efforts and efficiency is limited. But people have taken it upon themselves to increase digitalization in communication, media and business. Though our economy is growing, the job market is still not as vibrant. This is an area where government may need to play an important role during the coming year.


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