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The recent beauty pageant in Dhaka has faced a lot of controversies. This week, New Age Xtra had asked readers if they think that the discussions surrounding the lives of the participants and others related to such pageants are appropriate and whether there should be other categories that will look into the personality and skills of the participant rather than their physical appearance and marital status.


Saleh AhmedSaleh Ahmed

Beauty contest, the form of presenting women as products, should be banned, even if we see it from a feminist perspective. But there is a million dollar business behind this… To keep someone’s personal information private is the person’s right. But the recent contest in Bangladesh did not follow this. The organisers should also judge not only physical beauty but also the merit, education, social relations and humanitarian work of the participants.


Gazi AnisGazi Anis

I do not oppose women’s beauty competitions. It’s not wrong for women to participate in this competition. However, the organisers and judges were in the wrong. In case of beauty competition, adult women from all age groups should be given opportunity. It can be divided into different categories… It is not right to use women for other people’s interests.


Shishir RezaShishir Reza

Every year, US $ 28 billion worth of funds are invested into about 3,500 pornographic websites globally. These sites have always been undermining the respect and rights of women. The beauty contests is one kind of ultra modern slavery. Market economy presents women as ‘sex object’ in the name of empowerment, but it is in reality a profit-maximising instrument…If we respect women, physical beauty should not be the parameter to judge them. Various roles like that of a mother, wife, academician, decision-maker, social entrepreneur, law enforcers etc. can be looked into. Otherwise this beauty contest will only support ‘neoliberalism’.


Galib Ibn Anwarul AzimGalib Ibn Anwarul Azim

International competitions have their policies and set of rules which should be followed in local phases of selection. Controversies had spread because those rules were violated. These kinds of national and global events are arranged every year and many of those do not create such negative buzz. Media always loves to discuss personal lives of celebrities as there is a public demand for this, and now it’s more difficult to resist these gossips in social media. So we should arrange such competitions with integrity, definitely the skills of participants should be given more weight compared to physical appearance and other issues.


Mehedi Hasan ZahidMehedi Hasan Zahid

Physical appearance and marital status shouldn’t be a concern in a beauty pageant. Rather they should be judged through their voluntary activities or similar activities. It should be totally based on the level of humanity that is present in the person.



Vulnerable minds

Akmal HossainAkmal Hossain

Family is the first and most important way of socialisation and undoubtedly parents are the most successful builders. But in the age of globalisation, parents are failing to play this important role due to their jobs and other activities leading to detachment with their children.

Blue Whale and similar online games are affecting the lives of children not only in Bangladesh but also in India, Russia and other societies of the world. To resist this, we can raise public awareness about the roles of parents. Government also should take proper steps to mitigate the menace and ensure exemplary punishment against those perpetrators who influence children to do undesirable activities.

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