Rain-soaked problems

This week, New Age Xtra had asked readers how the three days long rain had affected their plans

Gazi AnisGazi Anis

The heavy rain created mental and financial problems for me. It is difficult to walk in the rain, which is why I need more money for rickshaw fare. Sometimes, while walking, I often lose my shoes in the water and mud. The rain gives me joy, but excessive rain creates trouble for all. Excessive rain has increased prices of items in the market and created problems in our lives. On the other hand, the maid does show up during the work day, thus no cooking takes place. So, on a rainy day, I have to starve.


Mohammad Tarek Aziz BappiMohammad Tarek Aziz Bappi

Moderate rainfall usually comes as a blessing to the lives of Dhaka citizens. On the other hand, excessive rain brings unbearable sufferings for the masses here. People can’t go outside easily as there’s stagnant water in many areas. Polluted water affects human health. Sewerage line is another deadly trap…Incessant rain causes problems for day-labourers, students and office employees.


Nahid HossainNahid Hossain

Taking almost 45 years to develop a tiny city like Dhaka is a big disappointment for us…lack of coordination between the responsible organisations, for instance, City Corporation, BTCL, WASA etc. are largely responsible for the people’s sufferings in Dhaka City, especially during rainfall. A good adjustment can be a better solution. The Government should make an independent body that will make plans considering the demand of the different departments. In addition, a good drainage system also plays a vital role.


Shishir RezaShishir Reza

The matter which affects us more is water-logging. The middle class is affected when non-stop rain hampers the daily livelihood of CNG drivers, beggars, hotel workers, porters, day labourers, rickshaw pullers, petty traders, hawkers, slum people and others. Government should overcome the financial constraints through drainage security budget, power sharing strategy among administrative actors, policy formulation and implementation…In this case, public participation and power decentralization may be pertinent to reduce sufferings.


Rajib Imtiaj HusainRajib Imtiaj Husain

The incessant rain in Dhaka is not affecting our lives. But the incessant rain in Bangladesh is affecting our lives.






Saleah Mohammad SalimSaleah Mohammad Salim

I had a presentation last week, on the topic of ‘intolerance traffic jam’. In formal wear, I started from Mohammadpur to Dhanmondi. Suddenly it began to rain like cats and dogs. I had no alternative but to walk. But Dhanmondi 27 was flooded. I still struggled through the water and mud. But my appearance for the presentation was ruined.

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